Your business sign is a valuable asset to your company.

Dimensional, channel and lit signs are used by major businesses and institutions for a reason. These types of signs have strong presence and can be easily read from a distance.  They are excellent for identifying businesses and institutions such as schools, churches, medical and government buildings. These types of signs when produced on a smaller scale, can also make a strong statement in interior spaces.

All dimensional and lit signs are custom made and available in a wide assortment of materials, sizes and styles. Whether you desire classic or sophisticated look, something modern and edgy, or a retro style inspired from past iconic signs like the Welcome to Vegas sign, our experts will guide you through design and marketing decisions, help determine the best solution for your application and budget, and produce and install a professional sign customized to fit you specific needs.

Precise, professional installation of your signage is as crucial as it's design and fabrication. Our team of experts includes contractors and electricians who are familiar with city and county regulations and will help you attain the necessary permits to ensure that your sign meets code requirements and is installed properly. 



New paint store signage  - North Shore District.

Backlit Message Boards

Communicate specials, upcoming events, or create an impressive interior environment with backlit messages. They can be mounted in a lobby, reception area, or on a back wall of a retail space. Standard sizes are available or we can custom design to fit your space.