The work of Professional Sign Services is found wherever you eat, shop and meet in Chattanooga. It is not a surprise to find our work where the locals play.

With seating for over 20,000, Finley Stadium is Chattanooga's largest sports and event venue.

Concourse Signage

  • Banner Material
  • Coroplast Material
  • Vinyl Decal Material
  • Vinyl Install for Textured Walls
  • Unique installation techniques

The atmosphere of a sports venue is like no other. Trying to find your seat through crowds of people, the delicious smells coming from the concession stands, the sounds of cheering fans, the way you fill up with pride when your team scores that last minute point to win the game or when you hear your alma mater song after a victory! Nothing compares to watching a live sporting event.

We at PSS enjoy one sports venue over the rest, this venue being Finley Stadium. Finley Stadium is home to the Chattanooga Mocs, Chattanooga Football Club and the main event headquarters for a variety of community events. We side with Finley because it is a great place to showcase some unique projects we have been a part of. From the banner material you see on the concourse, the vinyl decals you read as you take flight on the elevators; PSS has had their hands behind these projects. 

Two of the concourse projects we remember the most at Finley were unique. First, there are the iconic "laced" flagpole banners you see for directional use in the concourse lobby. We enjoyed working on this project due to the different tactic ourselves and Finley personnel came up with. Usually to prevent from wind damage, flagpole banners are made with a mesh material. However, to give these banners more of a stylish look we used a shock chord system. Lacing these signs with shock chord gave them a unique style and a creative solution to a problem. 

You can find another unique project of ours while you wait in line to "relieve " yourself. That's right; in the restrooms you can find a not so common graphic install. The technique behind this is the placement of a vinyl graphics onto a textured wall. Unlike other graphic installs in which you place the material on the surface by hand, this technique uses a heating system. The material is heated to conform to the wall and then finished with a lament. This is of course a time consuming, patient job, but the finished product is worth it! Look at our photos to see how it "takes shape" to the wall like it has been there for years.