The work of Professional Sign Services is found wherever you eat, shop and meet in Chattanooga. It is not a surprise to find our work where the locals play.

With seating for over 20,000, Finley Stadium is Chattanooga's largest sports and event venue.

In-Venue Signage

  • Printed Banners
  • Dibond and Vinyl Materials
  • Aluminum and Vinyl Materials

While game action takes place on the field you can catch an eye on some of the work done by PSS.  Please note that all of the work done in Finley Stadium was not exclusively done by PSS. However, we are thankful to have our work displayed in Chattanooga's playground year round.

We had the honor of printing and installing a majority of the end zone signage you see as the Mocs march over the goal line. A banner material was used for some of the signage. The ones made out of banner material were individually zip tied to the frame for the best wind resistant method. A majority of the other signs were printed on a dibond material. Dibond is great to use for outdoor signage due to its durability in any weather condition. 

You can also find the work of PSS every time you watch an instant replay or check-in on the score. We were the hands behind installing the logos below the main video board screen. Our team members soared like Mocs over 20 feet in the air to install the banner material you see. PSS also has a "sideline view" yard to yard with our field level signage.  

Not only is our work in the end zone, sidelines and video board; you can catch a glimpse of us in the suites of Finley. Our friends at EPB Fiber Optics let us have access to this "view." PSS installed the TV signage in each suite. We can't take credit for the signature style and design of EPB, but we will own up to the drilling, vinyl, aluminum and install behind this project!