- Backlit fabric print
- Printed and cut vinyl graphics

With the creative mind of Tenley Mayfield, Business Manager of MF Restaurant Group, LLC, this antique TV stand was transformed into the brightest hostess stand in town. We helped bring this stand to “light” by providing a LED lighting panel and printing on backlit fabric material. This technique helped the TV stand keep its vintage style which was what our friends at Clyde’s were looking for.

In some cases, our clients have the creative minds and we just implement the production. If you are a Noogan you know the Monen Family is number one in creating the best eatery atmosphere. They continue to prove this with all of their restaurants in town (Taco Mamacita, Milk and Honey, Urban Stack and Community Pie). The latest addition to their restaurant family is no different in terms of creative atmosphere. Clyde’s on Main can be found on Main Street in Southside Chattanooga and is a one-of-a-kind “neighborhood bar.”

Forget the billiards tables and welcome the ping-pong tables, sand shuffleboard games and cornhole. We helped showcase Chris Enter’s “King of Clyde’s” design by printing and installing the poster and vinyl ping-pong brackets you can find on Clyde’s chalkboard wall. We enjoy letting our clients take control of the wheel and steer us in the right direction. This project is a great example of two creative minds coming together to make one unique and engaging project. At PSS you can always depend on us to stay true to our motto, “If you can imagine it, we can create it.”