Mobile advertising reaches the entire socioeconomic spectrum of Americans.

Business owners and corporations nationwide are discovering the power and benefits of mobile advertising. Studies show that mobile advertising reaches more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than any other types of outdoor advertising. Instead of paying large sums for temporary exposure on billboards, radio, or television, a relatively small investment in vehicle graphics provides huge exposure that last for years. In addition to owning your best marketing tool, you also have control over where and when customers and potential customers see your advertising. Below are several strategies and suggestions for getting the most out of your investment.

  • Drive vehicle daily to and from work and on errands.
  • For maximum exposure, park your vehicle in front of your business.
  • Research your business' demographics and drive your vehicle where your potential clients may gather. If you sell sports gear, then frequenting local sports events is ideal.
  • If you participate in trade shows, incorporate your vehicle in the display out in front or as backdrop for products and personnel.
  • Use Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media to help promote and brand your business. Encourage people to post pictures of your vehicle in order to win a prize or coupons.
  • In addition to your company's name and logo, add striking, eye-catching graphics to draw attention to your vehicle.


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